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How to measure?

Product Measurements (inches) Width 00" / Height 00"


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How to measure? for best result

Note :

Curtain Rod Installed:

Step1 : First measure the width of the Rod between the Rod Ends

Step2 : Measure the height of the Rod to the floor in three places and take the longest measurement

Curtain Rod not Installed:

Step1 : Measure the width of the window frame. If there is enough space either side of your window frame, add 6" to each side<

Step2 : Measure the height, from the top of your window frame to the floor in three places and take the longest measurement. Add up to 12" inches depending on the height you will install the Rod. Make sure the amount you add is not greater than distance between the top of window frame and ceiling.

[Making Charge will be added based on width and height measurement of curtain]

[Rs 75 / mt]
[Rs 155 / mt]
[Rs 260 / mt]
[Rs 370 / mt]
Lining comes with extra cost with the same Width and Height measured
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